Trent College

Your name

Carole Slater

Your role

Exams Officer

Your school name

Trent College

Describe your school (type, age, location, demographic etc)

11-18 Independent

Did you trial the Exam Reader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

Yes, we had one on trial in which we gave to a few students to use. Feedback was very positive.

What do you most like about the Exam Reader?

Students can be in the main exam room with other students cutting down the need for invigilators in satellite rooms reading to students.

Please describe how you are using the Exam Reader?

After assessment by the SENCo students are given the pen to trial in lessons. After that the pens are given out for class tests and end of year exams.

Please describe how the use of the Exam Reader has affected your students (performance, confidence, independence etc)?

Students are more independent now and can sit with all the students in the main exam rather than being the odd one out in another room.

Please describe any other areas in school you feel the Exam Reader has helped (staff time savings, school results, cost savings etc)

Reduction in invigilation costs, reduction in the number of rooms needed for exams

How likely are you to recommend the Exam Reader to others?

Very likely to recommend to others.