Royal Air Force Cosford

Your name:

 Stephen Hern

Your role: 

Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) Advisor

 Your company name:

 Royal Air Force Cosford

 Describe your company:

Military trade training environment. A range of trades including, aircraft mechanic/technician, communications technicians, physical training instructors, officer cadets and photographers. Age ranges from 17 – 55.

Did you trial the ExamReader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

Yes. We used 2 Students who have previously had ‘readers’ within their previous schools/college. We then got them to trial them for 3 weeks and then give their feedback on their experiences.

What do you most like about the ExamReader?

The feedback we got was very positive. The best thing being that they could replay the spoken text as many times as they wanted without the fear of embarrassment they would have got with a real person doing the reading. The charging time and length of use once charged was also positively commented on.

Please describe how you are using the ExamReader?

Students can use it for their everyday studies and then within any examination.

Please describe how the use of the ExamReader has affected your students (performance, confidence, independence etc)?

Students who have previously failed exams not using the pen have subsequently passed the resits. Confidence is the biggest change and the feeling of not worrying about lengthy exam questions.

The biggest change is not having to get another member of Staff to assist within exams and subsequently no need for an extra room being allocated.

 How likely are you to recommend the ExamReader to others?

Very likely.

Any other comments you would like to add ?

I have passed all the information to other RAF Units who may feel they can benefit from them.