St Martin's School, Brentwood

Your name

Maggie Howell

Your role

Send Exams Assistant

Your school name

St Martins School Brentwood

Describe your school (type, age, location, demographic etc)

Large secondary comprehensive school in Brentwood Essex.

Did you trial the Exam Reader / Reader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

No, we did not trial before purchasing

What do you most like about the Exam Reader?

The ease of use and the access it gives to the students who need a reader

Please describe how you are using the Exam Reader?

We are using the reading pens for class assessments and in actual examinations – both PPE and External across all year groups.

Please describe how the use of the Exam Reader has affected your students (performance, confidence, independence etc)?

Some of the students like the reading pens.

How likely are you to recommend the Exam Reader to others?

Very likely