Amanda Uden, Assistant Headteacher T&L from Rivermead Special School provided the following feedback about the C-Pen Exam Reader & C-Pen Reader

Describe your school:

Special Secondary School with learners from 11 - 19 based in Gillingham Kent but with a wide catchment area across all of Medway and into some of Kent. All learners have EHC plans, majority have ASD diagnosis and Speech and Language difficulties.

Did you trial the C-Pen Exam Reader initially, if so, what “review process” did you follow and what conclusions did you draw?

Picked up a C-Pen Exam Reader at the TES Special Needs London show in October.  Have used it with several year 11 learners in my maths group to see how they found it in test situations rather than having a 'stick on lady' at their side to complete any necessary reading. It made them feel more independent and they felt less self conscious about not being able to read bits of text. 

What do you most like about the C-Pen Exam Reader?

Compactness and ease of use, that gives learners autonomy over what they need to read. 

Please describe how you are using the C-Pen Reader & Exam Reader?

The C-Pen Exam Readers will be used with year 11's in preparation for their public exams in June 2016. They will be trained in its use during the year, this frees up  staff as individual readers will not be required.  The C-Pen Readers will be used in year 10 for creating their own podcasts of notes ready to turn into wave files for those who struggle with writing their own notes. 

What do the students say about the pens?

Those that trailed it really liked it, saying that it helped them and was easy to use after a bit of practice.

Please describe any other areas in school you feel the C-Pen Exam Reader have helped?

It will impact positively on my timetabling for all exams as I will not need to find so many rooms and staff to work with the learners who require a reader as they will be able to take the exam in the same room as the majority of the other learners except those who require a scribe. 

How likely are you to recommend the C-Pen Reader & Exam Reader to others?

Very likely.