Gillian Sams, Head of Learning Support (Senior School) from Tanglin Trust School, Singapore provided the following feedback about the C-Pen Exam Reader & C-Pen Reader:

Describe your school:

TTS has more than 90 years’ experience of providing British based education to the international community in Singapore, we provide a unique learning environment for children from Nursery right through to Sixth Form (3-18 years).

Did you have the opportunity to trial the pen before purchase?

Yes, we trialled the C610E Exam Reader and C610R Reader Pen scanner with students from Y7-13 before purchasing some exam pens.

If you did trial the pen what was the main reason for going ahead with an order?

The C610E Exam Reader pen was superior to another model of exam pen that we trialled.

Have the students expressed any comments or thoughts on the Exam Reader/Reader?

The reading pens have been a big hit with our dyslexic students. They love the discrete nature of them and the increased independence that they offer.

Within the classroom environment have teaching and support staff noticed any positive outcomes for the students?

Teachers and learning support assistants have been very enthusiastic about the introduction of the reading pens. They like the fact that the students can use headphones and work independently.

In what capacity is the pen mainly being used for?

The pens are being used to access text in class. They are also being used for internal tests in KS3. Next year, we intend to use the reading pens for mock examinations and if they are successful, where permissible, for external examinations.

How would you describe your students’ emotional well-being and independence in relation to the Exam Reader/Reader pen?

For students who have specific difficulties decoding text, the exam pens have been invaluable in raising their self-esteem, as the pens have allowed them to understand the subject content independently. They have not been useful for those students who do not understand the meaning of the written word.

Has the pen had any direct business/financial impacts on the school? I.E. staffing, time management etc?

The reading pens have made the logistics of staffing internal tests easier. Before the introduction of the reading pens, support staff were pulled out of class to act as readers.

Would you recommend the pen to other colleagues?

Yes, I already have! The junior school learning support team is conducting its own trial.

Any other comments you would like to add?

One of our sixth formers has persuaded her parents to buy her a pen. She feels that it will be an invaluable tool for university!